What Happens During Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Surgery?

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Being able to move our bodies without pain is an important part of our overall physical and mental health. If you’re struggling with foot or ankle pain every time you walk, you understand how much chronic joint pain can interfere with your daily life and happiness.

At Surgical Solutions Network, Canadians can undergo a foot and ankle arthroscopy to surgically diagnose the cause of foot and ankle pain, which will allow you to make the best decisions to take control of your health and regain your mobility.

If you’re considering foot and ankle arthroscopy in Canada to diagnose your chronic joint pain, here are five things you need to know:

What is this a foot and ankle arthroscopy for and how will it help my chronic pain?

A foot and ankle arthroscopy can be undertaken for a number of reasons, as it is a surgical procedure used to diagnose the root cause of chronic foot and ankle pain. Foot and ankle pain is often the result of torn cartilage, ligament damage caused by a sprained ankle, or another ankle injury. Diagnosing these issues quickly will ensure the damage isn’t worsened and you can start to heal faster, and get back to your normal life.

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What happens during a foot and ankle arthroscopy surgery?

It is a general anesthetic surgery, during which the surgeon uses the arthroscope (a tiny camera instrument) to look directly into the joint. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis, so the surgeon can decide on the best treatment option and you can enjoy a quicker recovery. After the arthroscopy, the surgeon can proceed with the surgical treatment plan, as discussed at the time of your consultation.

How do I qualify for this a foot and ankle arthroscopy?

When you contact Surgical Solutions Network, our Healthcare Advisors will direct you to the appropriate surgical centre for your needs. We offer the foot and ankle arthroscopy procedure at our private surgical centres in TorontoWinnipegCalgary, and Vancouver.

All patients must complete a Pre-Surgical Patient Questionnaire to provide the medical team with your basic medical history. We also require your most recent diagnostics, such as x-rays or an MRI (learn more here). If your medical history and diagnostics confirm that you are a suitable patient for the foot and ankle arthroscopy procedure, you can book your consultation with a surgeon, and then move forward to book your procedure. Before your surgical consultation, our medical team will request a History and Physical, along with bloodwork and ECG from your family doctor, for the surgeon to review.

How long will it take for me to return to my normal activities after a foot and ankle arthroscopy?

When our medical team receives your medical documentation (listed above), your surgical consultation can often be booked within 1 week. Following the consultation, your surgery can often be booked within 2 to 4 weeks.

Recovery time after a foot and ankle arthroscopy surgery varies by patient. Your surgeon will advise you of the best post-op recovery and rehabilitation practices to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery during your consultation. With foot and ankle surgery, there is often a period where you must avoid putting weight on the affected foot, but some people are up and walking the day of their surgery. A complete return to your daily activities will be specific to your medical needs and procedure, but most patients are back to normal within 3 to 4 months, and can resume specialty sports within 6 months.

How should I prepare for my foot and ankle arthroscopy surgery?

To prepare for your surgery, you will be encouraged to keep moving as much as possible. Your surgeon can suggest that physiotherapy may be helpful in this regard. Your surgeon will best advise you on how to prepare, based on your specific medical needs. But it is important to know that pre-surgical fitness has a direct impact on achieving the best possible outcome following your surgery.

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