Hip Resurfacing

Is hip arthritis taking the joy out of your favourite activities or holding you back in your active job? While a total hip replacement may seem extreme at your age, hip resurfacing is an alternative that has helped patients quickly restore their quality of life and allowed some patients to resume more vigorous activities. At Surgical Solutions Network, our surgical expertise and advanced implant technology ensure optimal outcomes with this life-changing procedure. 

Patients come for private surgery in Canada from Calgary, Alberta; across the country, the United States, and overseas.

Hip Resurfacing at Surgical Solutions Network

Surgical Solutions offers an excellent choice for patients throughout Canada, the U.S., and around the world looking for arthroplasty or joint replacements without a long wait time. Our team of orthopedic surgeons includes one of the first surgeons in North America to become involved in the Birmingham Hip.  

Our entire team is committed to helping you return to an active, pain-free life. We strive to provide exceptional pre- and post-operative care, ensuring you have a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience. 

The hip resurfacing procedure is performed at Canadian Surgery Solutions, an accredited private surgical facility. You will be required to stay overnight after the surgery under the care of our specialist nurses and physiotherapy team, who will help prepare you for discharge and your return home as quickly as possible. Our patient-centred protocols will provide the tools you need to recover successfully.  

Values That Matter to Us and Our Patients


We are patient focused and provide effective care with human kindness.


We combine innovation with the latest technology and processes to advance surgical care in Canada and better serve patients and providers.


We are a continuously learning organization that measures, monitors, and improves every day.


We support, respect, and accept our patients, team members, and partners, while operating with honesty and integrity in providing our services.

What Is Hip Resurfacing? 

Hip resurfacing is a bone-preserving alternative to total hip replacement. Instead of removing the ball (femoral head) of the thigh bone (femur), the surgeon sculpts the femoral head to accommodate a metal cap. The damaged bone and cartilage of the socket are also cleaned away and replaced with a metal socket. The most common implant used is the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing  (BHR) System, and the term “Birmingham Hip” is often used to describe the procedure. See an animation of how it’s done. 

Is Hip Resurfacing Better Than Hip Replacement? 

In addition to being bone preserving, hip resurfacing offers a variety of advantages over total hip replacement for the right patient, including: 

  • Providing optimal stability of the hip joint 
  • Reducing the risk of dislocation 
  • Preserving bone in case a future hip replacement is needed  
  • Allowing for a greater range of activities than what is anticipated after a total hip replacement  

Hip resurfacing in its current form has been available for over 20 years. It is offered by only a few surgeons as not all surgeons are trained in the technique. The excellent results of hip resurfacing have been extensively published. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hip Resurfacing Surgery? 

Recovery varies between patients, but most are ready to return to their regular activities within 2 to 4 months. You will be encouraged to put weight on your leg immediately after surgery but will need to walk with crutches or a cane for 6 weeks. Patients typically need help with self-care, daily activities, meals, and driving for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. 

Who Is a Candidate For Hip Resurfacing?

This procedure can relieve hip pain from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis and other causes. The best candidates are typically highly active men under age 65 or those with physically demanding careers such as police officers, firefighters, and construction workers. Candidates should have strong bones free from osteoporosis and other bone diseases. 

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If you are ready to learn more about hip resurfacing, contact us using our online form to request a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. We welcome patients for hip resurfacing in Calgary from across Canada, the U.S., and overseas. Surgical Solutions Network is a network of private medical clinics across Canada, with centres in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Calgary. 

Please note that our healthcare team will require your X-ray images and/or MRI, along with some basic medical history, in order to prepare for your consultation appropriately. You will be required to travel to Calgary for surgery. Your consultation can take place via telephone or video conference. 

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