Inter-Provincial Travel

Surgical Solutions Network is an exceptional private healthcare provider with 6 multidisciplinary centres across Canada. Due to provincial regulatory restrictions, you may need to travel outside your home province for independent surgery or other medical services you require. Out-of-province travel enables you to receive the timely care you need within Canada.

You Can Travel for Independent Surgery Within Canada

As mandated by the Canada Health Act, Canadians are insured within their home province for medical and surgical care, and are guaranteed access to emergency services throughout Canada. Most Canadians know this insurance as their provincial health plan and access is mandated by the Canada Health Act.

However, elective (medically necessary but non-urgent) surgery performed outside of the home province is not an insured service, unless carried out in a public hospital and pre-approved by the Ministry of Health in their home province.

For Canadians who do not wish to wait, or are unable to wait, for publicly insured surgery in their home province, the Canada Health Act allows them to have an independent surgical provider perform their surgery, and pay for that service directly, outside their home province.*

*For more information, please reference sections 2, 10, and 11 of the Canada Health Act.

Why Does It Make Sense To Travel for Private Surgery?

Instead of leaving Canada to have your procedure and avoid long wait times, you can have surgery at an accredited Surgical Solutions Network surgical centre in another province. By travelling to one of our surgical centres within Canada, you can:

  • Have the surgery when you need it. If your condition is compromising your quality of life, we can help you get back to normal as quickly as possible. After your initial surgical consultation, surgery can generally be scheduled within a few weeks.
  • Have the procedure you need. We specialize in a comprehensive range of surgical services, many performed using the latest medical technology and minimally invasive techniques for reduced post-operative pain, recovery time, and scarring.
  • Receive care from experienced specialists. Our board-certified physicians are respected in their areas of specialty and highly sought after within Canada and beyond. Our experienced registered nurses, who provide care before, during, and after surgery, can identify and quickly resolve issues before problems progress.
  • Maintain your continuity of care. After surgery, follow-up care and physiotherapy can be transferred closer to home with continued consultation by your physician, if needed. Our clinical team will work with your existing providers to provide a managed continuum of care.

Do I Have To Go Outside My Province for All Procedures?

To take advantage of the independent healthcare options available in Canada, you are required to travel out of province for procedures that are covered by provincial health insurance. However, you are allowed to seek independent care in your home province for certain procedures not covered by provincial health insurance, including:

Can I Have Lab Work and Diagnostic Testing in My Home Province?

Yes. You will need to provide diagnostic reports before we can schedule your consultation with a physician. Visit our Preparing for Your Consultation & Surgery page for our directory of diagnostic and blood testing labs. Our intake team will work with you to ensure you know what diagnostics you require and share our preferred diagnostic providers.

Which Centre Should I Choose?

Our surgical centres across Canada have their own specialties and they do not all offer the same procedures. We will help you select the surgical centre outside your home province that offers the procedure you need. Here is a list of our surgical centres and an overview of the procedure categories they offer:   

  • Clearpoint Surgical Toronto | Dixon Road in Toronto, ON, offers orthopedic, hernia, ENT, plastic, cosmetic, cataract, urology, weight loss, and other select surgeries.
  • Canadian Surgery Solutions in Calgary, AB, offers orthopedic, hernia, and other select surgeries.
  • False Creek Healthcare Centre in Vancouver, BC, offers orthopedic, ENT, cosmetic, vasectomy reversal, hernia, gallbladder, urology, gynecology, and other select surgeries.
  • Maples Surgical Centre in Winnipeg, MB, offers orthopedic, ENT, plastic, cosmetic, urology, vasectomy reversal, and other select surgeries.
  • SmartShape Weight Loss Centre in Mississauga, ON, offers mini gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, Lap-Band, bariatric revision surgery, and post-weight loss surgery care.

Visit the individual location pages for details about available procedure options or contact us online to learn more.

Values That Matter to Us and Our Patients


We are patient focused and provide effective care with human kindness.


We combine innovation with the latest technology and processes to advance surgical care in Canada and better serve patients and providers.


We are a continuous learning organization that measures, monitors, and improves every day.


We support, respect, and accept our patients, team members, and partners, while operating with honesty and integrity in providing our services.

Medical Travel FAQ for Out-Of-Province Care

Do I need to be a citizen of Canada?

No. We can provide high-quality surgical services to Canadian citizens and non-citizens, permanent residents, non-residents, and temporary visitors to Canada on a visa and international patients from outside Canada. If you are choosing to travel from outside Canada, we recommend acquiring travel insurance to cover you in the case of an emergency medical issue.

How long is the wait?

Independent surgery allows you to benefit from short wait times. Your procedure will be scheduled as soon as you and our physician team are available, which is usually within a few weeks of the initial surgical consultation.

Where should I stay during my procedure?

Our intake team would be pleased to provide recommendations for preferred hotels close to our facilities. How long you will need to stay at one of our surgical centres depends on the type of procedure you require. You may be discharged from our surgical centre the same day, or you may stay 1 to 2 nights at the facility to receive post-operative care.

When will I be able to return home after my procedure?

Most patients can safely return home within a day to a few days following their procedure. When you return home, our clinical team will stay in contact with you and your primary medical team at home to provide a managed continuum of care.

Do I need a referral?

No, but we may require confirmation of a diagnosed condition or specific information about your medical history from a doctor or specialist.

Will my benefit plan cover the procedure?

Not typically. Some private benefit plans allow you to claim a portion of medically necessary procedures. Check with your benefit plan to confirm.

Certain provinces may also reimburse a portion of the costs associated with services delivered out of province. Our team can help you understand how this may work and assist you with the process.

The patient is responsible for payment prior to treatment and for securing any reimbursements that are available.

Are there any tax considerations?

Most medical expenses are tax-deductible. Check with your accountant to confirm.

Is financing available?

Yes. Financing is available through several providers. Our team can assist you with financing options, if that is of interest to you.

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