Tonsil Removal Surgery  

Frequent ear and throat infections and even snoring can be related to problems with the tonsils. While tonsillectomy, also called tonsil removal surgery, is usually performed on children, adults also have their tonsils removed. Throughout Canada, people choose the fellowship-trained ENT surgeons at Surgical Solutions Network to have this minimally invasive procedure performed without a long delay. 

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What is the purpose of the tonsils? 

Located inside the back of the throat on the right and left, the tonsils are the first line of defence against airborne viruses and bacteria. Inhaled pathogens stick to the tonsils and set off an immune response helping the body fight off illness.  

The adenoids, technically called pharyngeal tonsils, are another set of tonsils located behind the nose. Enlarged adenoids can obstruct breathing and cause sinus drainage, resulting in sinus and ear infections, snoring, and sleep apnea. Many people have their adenoids removed along with their tonsils. 

Why do people get their tonsils removed? 

Tonsil infections (tonsillitis) are usually the result of a viral or bacterial infection and can lead to enlarged tonsils, a sore throat, and difficulty swallowing. It is more common in children than in any other age group. Tonsillectomy is usually a last resort when antibiotics don’t prevent recurrent tonsil infections or when people have other health problems related to their tonsils, such as chronic snoring or sleep apnea. 

How is tonsillectomy surgery performed? 

Our fellowship-trained surgeons perform tonsillectomy as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia so the patient sleeps during the surgery. The surgeon may remove the tonsils with a scalpel or a specialized surgical tool that destroys or removes the tissue while cauterizing blood vessels.  

After surgery, the patient is monitored in a recovery room until they are ready to be driven home by a family member or friend. The procedure does not require an overnight stay.  

How long does it take to recover? 

Most patients are ready to return to normal daily activities within 1 to 2 weeks. After surgery, it is common to have throat and ear pain and possibly jaw and neck pain.  

Can tonsils grow back? 

While technically possible, the tonsils do not usually grow back fully after a tonsillectomy. If a small portion of a tonsil remains, it can enlarge over time but will likely remain small and underdeveloped. 

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