Shoulder Arthroscopy

Surgical Solutions Network offers private shoulder arthroscopy to determine the cause of shoulder pain for patients from Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, British Columbia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and across Canada. The surgeon uses the arthroscope—a tiny camera—to look directly into the joint and surrounding area. This enables a more accurate assessment so the surgeon can decide on the best treatment option. The surgeon can then treat the shoulder pain using small surgical instruments in addition to the arthroscope.

Shoulder Arthroscopy With Surgical Solutions Network

Men and women from across Canada choose our medical clinics for private shoulder arthroscopy without a long delay. Our fellowship-trained surgeons have extensive experience performing minimally invasive orthopedic procedures to give patients relief without a lengthy recovery period. Our exceptional pre- and post-operative care and our patient-centred philosophy ensure our patients receive a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience. Receive timely access to the care you need with private surgery in Canada and return to living your active lifestyle.

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We are patient focused and provide effective care with human kindness.


We combine innovation with the latest technology and processes to advance surgical care in Canada and better serve patients and providers.


We are a continuously learning organization that measures, monitors, and improves every day.


We support, respect, and accept our patients, team members, and partners, while operating with honesty and integrity in providing our services.

What Does Shoulder Arthroscopy Treat?

Shoulder arthroscopy can restore function and eliminate pain in the shoulder. It may be recommended for the following shoulder problems:

  • Ligaments repair
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Bone spur removal
  • Dislocated shoulder
  • Loss of function

What Happens in a Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy typically requires general anesthesia; therefore, the patient is unconscious for the duration of the procedure. The surgeon performs the surgery by inserting small instruments, including a camera, through small incisions in the shoulder area. During the arthroscopy procedure, the surgeon may be able to repair several common shoulder problems.

How Long Is Recovery From Shoulder Arthroscopy?

After surgery, the patient is taken to a recovery room to be monitored in case there are any complications. The procedure does not typically require an overnight stay, so most patients return home the day of surgery in the care of a trusted adult. While experiences vary, arthroscopy typically allows for a shorter recovery period than more invasive shoulder procedures.

Next Steps: Book Your Shoulder Arthroscopy Consultation

If you are ready to discuss your shoulder arthroscopy needs with our surgeons, contact us online to learn more and request a consultation today. To discover your healthcare options, your patient advisor will discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • Incision techniques
  • Potential risks and complications

We look forward to helping you get more out of life with shoulder arthroscopy in Canada.

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