Elbow Replacement

When pain medication, injections, and physical therapy do not effectively manage elbow pain, it may be time to consider private elbow replacement surgery in Canada at Surgical Solutions Network. Our fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists perform elbow replacement to help patients from Toronto, Ontario, and across the country regain their range of motion and attain lasting relief from pain.

Elbow Replacement With Surgical Solutions Network

You don’t have to endure long wait times for elbow surgery; you can have timely access to care with private elbow surgery from Surgical Solutions Network. The orthopedic surgeons at our private medical clinics have years of experience performing elbow surgery and are known for excellence in their surgical outcomes for this procedure. We take pride in our patient-centred philosophy and aim to provide all our patients with a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience. Explore your options for Canadian private healthcare and receive prompt access to the surgery you need.

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We are patient focused and provide effective care with human kindness.


We combine innovation with the latest technology and processes to advance surgical care in Canada and better serve patients and providers.


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What Is an Elbow Replacement?

Elbow replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing damaged portions of the elbow and replacing the bony surfaces with artificial prosthetic implants. The surgery repositions the elbow into proper alignment and replicates the original function, allowing for a near-normal range of motion for the patient. 

When Do You Need an Elbow Replacement?

Your doctor may recommend an elbow replacement for these elbow problems:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures of one of the bones of the elbow that have not healed properly
  • Elbow instability
  • Loss of function

Elbow replacement is indicated when other procedures, such as elbow arthroscopy and Tommy John surgery cannot correct your condition.

What Happens During Elbow Replacement Surgery?

Our surgeons perform total and partial elbow replacements depending on the patient’s specific situation. In addition, there are linked and unlinked elbow replacements performed. Your surgeon will be able to discuss the recommended technique and prosthetic to suit your needs. During a consultation, we will review the procedure, including the risks, benefits, recovery, and life after the procedure.

What Is Recovery From Elbow Replacement Like?

Elbow replacement is a significant operation, and it’s common to experience pain and swelling afterward. Responses to surgery and anesthesia vary from person to person, but our medical team’s approach generally supports a quick recovery.

After the surgery, patients are monitored in a recovery room to detect any complications early. An overnight stay in the hospital is usually not required. For a smooth recovery, here’s what to expect:

  • A responsible adult must drive the patient home post-operation.
  • The surgeon will provide specific instructions for recovery that should be followed closely.
  • Pain management will be guided by the surgeon, using medication to alleviate post-surgery discomfort.
  • Follow-up visits are necessary to ensure the elbow is healing correctly.
  • Physiotherapy is prescribed to restore full functionality and optimize the recovery process.

Next Steps: Book Your Elbow Replacement Consultation

If you are ready to discuss your elbow replacement needs with our surgeons, contact us to learn more and request a consultation today. To discover your healthcare options, your patient advisor will discuss:

  • Your medical history
  • Techniques and options
  • Potential risks and complications

Get back to the activities you love sooner by choosing Surgical Solutions for your elbow replacement surgery in Canada.

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