Surgical Solutions Network has several financing and payment options available for private surgery in Canada. Our team can help you understand your options and assist where necessary.

Please note that in most instances, you will be required to cover the cost of your procedure at a Surgical Solutions Network surgical facility.

Third-Party Request

In some instances, third-parties may provide full or partial payment coverage for certain procedures. Surgical Solutions Network can provide surgical procedures when requested to do so by an independent third party who has a vested interest in obtaining surgery to enhance the health of the patient. Some examples of qualified third parties are:

Private Insurance Companies

Private insurance companies such as Canada Life and Sun Life may be able and willing to provide financial support for their insured beneficiaries for specific procedures. This will depend on the details of your company or personal policy. To determine if this is an option, we recommend discussing it with your benefits coordinator. Surgical Solutions Network can provide you with the cost of the procedures if needed, but please be aware that Surgical Solutions Network is not involved in the decision to provide financial support or not.

Public Corporations

Many large companies may choose to provide financial support for elective surgical procedures if they feel it is in the company’s best interest to expedite surgery and get the employee back to work as soon as possible. The company may provide this financial support directly or through their benefits provider.

Privately Held Corporations

Identical to larger public corporations, smaller and privately held corporations can provide financial support for their employees to proceed with elective surgery. This is allowed if it’s in the financial interest of the corporation to have the employee return to work as soon as possible. Please note that the request for surgery must come directly from the corporation, and the corporation must provide the funding for the surgery. The cost of the surgery may be a taxable benefit to the employee. If you think this may apply to your situation, please speak with a representative from your corporation and Surgical Solutions Network.

Payment Options

  • Debit card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX

If you choose to pay for your surgery and are interested in obtaining information about financing the cost, please speak to a Surgical Solutions patient advisor.

Payment Plans Through Our Financing Partners

Although Surgical Solutions Network does not provide in-house payment plans, we work with partners that have extensive experience and seamless processes to evaluate your request for financing support. Start by choosing one of our trusted financial services partners to inquire about financing your procedure.

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Beautifi is a technology enabled provider of monthly payment plans for Canadians. Beautifi offers flexible financing options to suit your needs with a focus on customer service. There is no impact to your credit score when applying, no money down required, and no pre-payment penalties for early repayment.

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Canada’s top choice for cosmetic procedure financing.

Choose Medicard for personalized financing that complements your aspirations with the Surgical Solutions Network. Medicard is dedicated to crafting financial plans that fit seamlessly into your life, offering competitive rates and fast pre-approvals without compromising your credit. Backed by 27 years of expertise in health-focused financing, our bilingual customer service is here for you seven days a week, ensuring you have the support you need to invest in yourself.

We Fit Your Confidence, We Fit Your Budget, We Fit Your Dreams.

Select Medicard for a seamless financing experience, and let the Surgical Solutions Network make your aspirations a reality.

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Credit Medical

Credit Medical Corporation was formed in 2001 to be Canada’s principal lending institution for elective medical care. They provide innovative financial services that allow clients and practitioners the freedom to focus on the treatment, not the payment.

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Please note that surgical and non-surgical fees will vary depending on your procedure. The fees are comprehensive and include surgical fee; relevant costs; anesthesia; day surgery facility fee; prosthetic (as necessary); nursing fee; overnight facility fee (as necessary); and follow-up care.

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