How to Manage Chronic Pain at Home

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Chronic pain is a common issue that affects many people while they’re waiting for their diagnosis or surgery. While medical intervention can lessen or even eliminate chronic pain, long wait times for surgery can mean that you’re living in pain for longer than necessary. If you’re waiting for surgery, know that chronic pain can be alleviated sooner with private healthcare and private surgery from Surgical Solutions Network, where your surgery can be expedited in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

Enduring long periods of chronic pain causes physical and emotional distress. Your emotional and physical health are closely linked, which is why it’s important to engage in self-care as a form of chronic pain management.

5 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain at Home

Try Gentle Exercise

Exercise can help keep joints healthy and flexible, maintain muscle mass, and improve mental health. But for many people with chronic pain, exercising without worsening pain can be a challenge. The key is to engage in activities that can be modified to include slow and gentle movements. Exercises that are beneficial for people with chronic pain include beginner yoga, tai chi, and walking at a slow pace. Many yoga and tai chi moves can also be done in a chair. Make gentle exercises a fun and regular part of your routine by playing your favourite music and asking your friends and family to join you.

Enjoy the Outdoors Regularly

Going outside and getting fresh air has a very positive affect on mental health and overall feelings of wellbeing, which can alleviate stress associated with chronic pain. Walking outdoors is also an effective form of gentle exercise and can be fun a social activity. While it’s important to wear sunscreen when outdoors for extended periods of time, small exposure to sunlight is also an important component of overall health to increase vitamin D production.

Prioritize Sleep

Better quality sleep can help reduce feelings of pain, while not getting enough sleep can increase pain and worsen mental health. Make better quality sleep a priority in your daily routine. A few simple ways to unwind at night include putting away technology an hour before bed (this includes your phone, computer, and television), taking a warm bath before bed, and ensuring your bedroom has a comfortably cool temperature.

Engage in Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation can be a helpful pain management and stress relief technique for people with chronic pain. In the past, it was necessary to go to a studio learn meditation, but thanks to technology we can now access these learnings in the comfort of our home. You can choose to sign up for virtual meditation classes or download an app. Engaging in mediation for as little as 15 minutes a day can be an effect part of your pain management strategy and boost your mental wellness.

Do Something that Brings You Joy

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated is common for people with chronic pain. It’s important to allow yourself to feel joy and engage in activities that bring you happiness. Plan a special event, such as watching a movie, visiting loved ones, walking in your favourite park, or ordering food from your favourite restaurant. Having special activities to look forward to will decrease stress, boost your mood, and help create positive memories that bring joy.

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