What Should I Expect When Undergoing a Total Hip Replacement?

Happy senior woman holding a walking device after hip replacement surgery

Hip pain can severely disrupt your life and mobility. It can cause poor sleep, constant pain, reduced mobility and activity, and ultimately impact your quality of life. If you are suffering from persistent hip pain and have been diagnosed with a joint condition such as osteoarthritis, you may be a candidate for Total Hip Replacement surgery at Surgical Solutions Network in Ontario or Calgary, Canada.

What is a Total Hip Replacement and how will it help my symptoms?

Total Hip Replacement involves removing the ball and socket of the hip joint and replacing them with artificial parts called implants. Most patients who qualify for a Total Hip Replacement have been told by their doctor that they have any of the following conditions:

  • Worn or damaged hip joints
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Patients commonly complain of pain prior to surgery and many find that immediately after surgery their “bone pain” is gone.  At Surgical Solutions Network, we utilize the Direct Anterior (DA) approach when performing Total Hip Replacement surgery, which is less invasive and offers a quicker initial recovery than many other techniques. The DA technique allows patients to resume their daily activities more quickly.

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What happens during Total Hip Replacement surgery?

Before surgery, our surgeons use X-rays to size the joint and choose the components (Zimmer Biomet implants) that best replicate the damaged hip. They perform the surgery using the latest intraoperative surgical navigation technology such as the Intellijoint HIP. This surgeon-controlled 3D navigation system provides real-time, intraoperative measurements for fast, easy, and accurate implant alignment of the following:

  • Cup position
  • Leg length
  • Offset

I’m interested in undergoing a Total Hip Replacement. How can I get started?

Prior to a surgical consultation with one of the surgeons at Surgical Solutions Network, all patients must provide our medical team with the following:

  • A pre-surgical patient questionnaire that includes basic medical history
  • Most recent X-rays and diagnostics

For more information about obtaining diagnostics and preparing for your surgical consultation, click here. Your surgical consultation can often be arranged within a week of providing your medical documents.

If your diagnostics and medical history confirm that you’re a candidate for Total Hip Replacement surgery, our team will request a medical history and physical, along with bloodwork and ECG from your family doctor prior to your surgery. Once you choose to have the procedure, your surgery can typically be booked within a month.

How long does it take to recover after a Total Hip Replacement surgery?

The amount of recovery time required after a Total Hip Replacement varies by patient. While you can expect to be up and walking the day of surgery, it’s important to take the following precautions as directed:

  • Use an assistive device for walking
  • Move slowly
  • Allow for plenty of rest

Most patients can resume their daily activities within 2 to 4 months. Patients who enjoy specialty sports or have an active lifestyle can expect to resume those activities within 6 months.

How should I prepare for Total Hip Replacement surgery?

To prepare for surgery, you will be encouraged to keep moving as much as possible. Physiotherapy, such as pre-hab physical therapy, can be helpful for some patients. At Surgical Solutions Network, our patient coordinator will provide you with a patient information booklet that outlines pre-surgical exercises to prepare you for the best possible outcome following your surgery.

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