10 Ways To Prepare for Hip Replacement Surgery

woman recovering from hip replacement surgery

If you’ve struggled with hip pain and mobility issues, you’re probably looking forward to your hip replacement surgery and returning to your normal life. However, you might feel a little nervous about what to expect after your surgery and how you should prepare.

Recovering from hip replacement surgery will take some time. It’s important to prepare your home to eliminate possible hazards, ensure everything you need is within reach, and that you have comfortable areas to sit down. Spending some time before your surgery preparing your environment will help your recovery go more smoothly, so you can focus on healing and regaining your health. Below, we cover 10 ways to prepare for your recovery period.

How Should I Prepare for Hip Replacement Surgery?

#1. Find a designated driver for before and after your surgery: You’ll need someone to drive you to the hospital and take you home afterwards. However, you won’t be able to drive for several weeks after your surgery, so you’ll also need to find someone who will help you get to your appointments and help with grocery shopping and errands. Your doctor can also help you get a parking pass for disabled parking, so you don’t need to walk as far.

#2. Install railings in high-risk areas: Your walk may be unsteady while recovering from hip replacement surgery. Look into installing railings around staircases and grab bars in your bathroom. These safety railings will give you more confidence to move around and help prevent slip and fall accidents.

#3. Get a walking aid: You may find that you need a walking aid during your recovery, such as a walker, cane, or crutch. Your doctor may provide a walking aid for you, or you can purchase one. If you’re unsure how to use your new walking aid, bring it to your doctor and ask for a quick tutorial.

#4. Think about seating: You’ll be sitting more frequently to rest and heal after your hip replacement surgery. Ensure you have ergonomic seating available at home. You may want to purchase a new chair or borrow one from a friend or family member. Look for a cushioned armchair that is firm, rather than very soft and plush, to ensure you don’t sink into it.

#5. Adjust the height of your bed: If you typically sleep in a bed that is high off the ground, you may want to lower your bed so it’s closer to the floor. This will help you get in and out of bed easily after your surgery.

#6. Consider sleeping on the first floor: If you live in a multi-level home, you will likely find it difficult to go up and down the stairs while recovering from your surgery. You may want to set up a temporary bedroom on the first floor to ensure you have easy access to necessities.

#7. Set up an area with your necessities: Make sure you have all your necessities in reach of your bed and favourite chair, such as water, the remote, your cell phone, medications, tissues, and some reading material. This will ensure you don’t need to worry about frequently getting up and finding the things you need most.

#8. Rearrange your shelves and cupboards: If you typically store much-used items on high shelves or cupboards, bring them down so they’re within reach. You should avoid frequently reaching up or crouching down while recovering from your surgery, so keep the items you need easily accessible.

#9. Look out for hazards: Take a thorough look around your home for items that might cause tripping accidents. While recovering from surgery, you may feel a bit disoriented and be more likely to trip and fall. Clear your floor space of loose cords, rugs, floor decorations, and children’s or pet toys to prevent accidents before they happen.

#10. Stock your kitchen: Grocery shopping may be more challenging while you’re recovering from hip replacement surgery. Stock up on non-perishables and frozen foods to ensure you don’t need to grocery shop too often post-surgery.

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