What Should I Expect During ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

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ACL stands for ‘anterior cruciate ligament’, which is an important pair of ligaments in your knee. When your ACL is injured, it can cause long-term pain in your knee and instability when walking. ACL injuries are common amongst athletes, preventing them from playing the sports they enjoy. Fortunately, ACL Reconstruction Surgery at a Surgical Solutions Network private surgical centre can help restore your mobility, alleviate pain, and help you get back in the game.

5 Facts You Should Know About ACL Reconstruction Surgery

What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery for and how will it help me?

The ACL is made up of two ligaments that cross over the middle of the knee and connects your thighbone to your shinbone. Together, they help stabilize your knee joint.  ACL injuries commonly occur when you’re playing sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction.

If you’ve torn only one of the two ligaments and can stay relatively inactive until you heal, you may be able to manage your symptoms with physiotherapy, which will allow you to continue with moderate activities and recreational sports.  However, if you have torn both ligaments or a ligament and your meniscus and are more active, ACL Reconstruction Surgery may be required to help you return to your pre-injury activity and mobility levels.

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What happens during ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

ACL Reconstruction Surgery will replace the torn ligament with a band of tissue from another part of your body or donor tissue (a graft). During the procedure, the torn ligaments are removed and replaced with the new tissue. Your surgeon will drill sockets into your thighbone and shinbone to accurately position the graft, which is then secured to your bones with screws or other devices. The graft will serve as scaffolding on which new ligament tissue can grow.

How do I qualify for ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

All Surgical Solutions Network patients must complete a Pre-Surgical Patient Questionnaire to provide our medical team with your basic medical history. We also require an MRI, diagnostic images, and a report to confirm you are a suitable patient for the procedure and our facility. We will request a History and Physical, required bloodwork, and an ECG from your family doctor.  Upon receipt of the patient’s medical documentation, booking the surgeon consultation can be arranged within 1 week, and surgery scheduled within 2 to 4 weeks.

What is the average recovery process like for ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

Recovery time varies by patient. ACL Reconstruction Surgery is a day surgery procedure. Following your recovery from anesthesia, you may be provided with a brace and you will be using crutches for the first few weeks.  You will be discharged with detailed instructions on how to utilize cold therapy to control pain and swelling.

You will begin physiotherapy as soon as possible to begin rebuilding your strength and flexibility after surgery.  Your surgeon will provide you with detailed post-op and rehabilitation instructions you’re your follow up appointment schedule. A full recovery may take between six and nine months, depending on your level of activity.

How should I prepare for my ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

Your surgeon will best advise how to prepare for your procedure, as each patients needs will be different. Some patients may be recommended pre-surgery physiotherapy to strengthen their muscles.  Your surgeon will provide you with all of these instructions at the time of your consultation. Pre-surgical preparation will help ensure the best possible outcome following your surgery.

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