How Does Diet Affect My Joint Health?

Seniors in kitchen with healthy fruits and vegetables

If you struggle with joint pain, you may have already been prescribed medication to reduce the pain and slow joint degeneration. You might also perform light exercises everyday to help support your muscle mass and flexibility to protect your joints and minimize pain. However, did you know that you can also support healthy joints in the kitchen?

A healthy diet can play a role in supporting overall good health and reduce inflammation, which can help support healthy joints and manage pain. Keep reading to learn five simple ways you can use good nutrition to keep your joints in good shape.

5 Ways to Support Joint Health in the Kitchen:

  • Eat your fruits and vegetables: Plants are full of vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and they’re rich in water to keep you hydrated. Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables will help you stay healthy.
  • Eat fewer animal proteins: Red meat have been shown in some studies to promote inflammation, which can increase symptoms of arthritis. Eating more plant proteins, like beans and legumes, can promote overall good health.
  • Focus on whole foods: Whole foods includes foods that haven’t been overly processed. Whole foods include simple ingredients and no to minimal processing. Fill your grocery cart with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, lean animal proteins, and nuts and seeds.
  • Consume more fatty acids: Essential fatty acids, like omega 3s, can help reduce inflammation and support overall good health. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in avocados, nuts and needs, olive oil, and fish.
  • Consider a multivitamin: Talk to your doctor about supporting your diet with a multivitamin and mineral supplement to ensure that you’re getting enough essential nutrients to support health joints and a heathy body. It’s not uncommon for older adults to be deficient in some essential nutrients due to poor absorption, dietary restrictions, or lack of appetite. Your doctor may also recommend other supplements you can take to fight inflammation or correct deficiencies that appear in your bloodwork.

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