How Should I Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery?

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If you’ve been struggling with progressive joint pain and difficulty walking, knee replacement surgery may be the right choice for you. Knee replacement surgery can help you regain your mobility, live without pain, and improve your overall quality of life.

Recovering from knee replacement surgery can take a several weeks, but the outcome will be worth it! To ensure your recovery process is easier, there are a few tips you should follow. As always, make sure you follow the advice of your medical providers and don’t be afraid to ask questions before and after your surgery.

Six Tips to Help You Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery:

  • Find a physical therapist: You may benefit from outpatient therapy after your knee replacement surgery to help you regain your range of motion. Book your physical therapy sessions in advance to ensure you’ll able to get an appointment when you need one. Collaborate with your surgeon and physical therapist to determine the best time to begin physical therapy sessions after your private knee replacement surgery.
  • Organize your family and friends: You’ll need help from the people closest to you after your surgery. Check in with your family and friends to see if anyone is able to help you pick up prescriptions, groceries, take you to medical appointments, and help out with chores around your home. It’s especially important to have someone with you the first week after your surgery while you’re recovering.
  • Stock your kitchen: Grocery shopping might be more challenging after your private knee replacement surgery. Before your surgery, stock up on frozen foods and pantry staples so you don’t need to worry about running low on essentials. You can also look into a grocery delivery service to deliver foods for a few weeks after your surgery.
  • Prepare your home: It’s important to upgrade your environment before your surgery and remove any potential obstacles. This includes removing furniture and décor that you might trip over; removing throw rugs; securing any loose cords; installing handrails around stairways and your bathroom; and ensuring your essential items are in an easy-to-reach place. You can also look into medical support devices, such as a raised toilet seat, shower chair, a grabber tool, a shoehorn, and a sock aid.
  • Pack for the hospital: You want to be as comfortable as possible on the day of your surgery. Prepare a travel bag with loose-fitting clothing, toiletries (such as dental items, face wash, and deodorant), a robe, and slip-on shoes. Don’t forget to bring your ID and cell phone.
  • Ask for resources: Your surgeon likely has patient resources with stretches and medical recommendations that should be followed before and after surgery. Collect these pamphlets or digital documents and keep them handy. If your surgeon recommends any stretches or lifestyle changes before your private knee replacement surgery to keep your joints healthy, be sure to follow their advice to ensure the best outcome.

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