How Much Does Balloon Sinuplasty Cost?

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When medications aren’t providing the relief you need from sinusitis, it’s time to find a long-term solution for addressing chronic sinus inflammation. For many patients, the answer is balloon sinuplasty. This minimally invasive procedure opens obstructed sinus pathways and clears the path to breathe easier and live your best life.

While balloon sinuplasty is becoming a popular alternative to traditional sinus surgery throughout Canada, it’s often not covered by public healthcare. This leaves many patients with the question How much does balloon sinuplasty cost without insurance? Below, we’re exploring the factors that impact the price of this increasingly popular procedure.

Factors Impacting Procedure Cost

Certain factors that may impact the overall cost of your balloon sinuplasty include:

Your Specific Symptoms

Your unique symptoms will dictate the amount of correction required during your surgery. While most balloon sinuplasty procedures last less than an hour, the severity of your blockage will impact how long your procedure takes. This related blog post provides more background about sinusitis symptoms that may warrant a balloon sinuplasty.

Your Surgeon’s Experience Level

It’s essential to do your research by identifying a reputable practice specializing in ENT procedures such as balloon sinuplasty, sleep endoscopy, and septoplasty. You should never sacrifice your safety and surgical outcome for a discount. Always choose an experienced surgeon with a proven track record and high patient satisfaction ratings.

Related Surgical Fees

A balloon sinuplasty can be performed in a hospital operating room or a private outpatient surgical centre. All our ENT procedures take place in accredited surgical facilities throughout Canada. The balloon sinuplasty procedure is performed at our beautiful and accredited private hospital in Toronto. Following your consultation with your physician, you will receive a detailed estimate which includes related surgical centre fees.

What Costs Are Included in Balloon Sinuplasty?

Again, this varies depending on the factors discussed above. Regardless of where your surgery is performed, you can expect to pay for these components of your procedure:

  • Your surgeon’s time
  • Pre-operative tests
  • Local anesthesia or IV sedation (“twilight sleep”)
  • Procedure fees (hospital or outpatient centre)
  • Medical supplies, including post-operative needs

Balloon Sinuplasty vs. Traditional Sinuplasty Cost

Patients who choose endoscopic balloon sinuplasty typically save more than patients undergoing traditional sinuplasty, making it an appealing option for most patients paying out-of-pocket.

There are fewer fees associated with balloon sinuplasty vs. traditional sinus surgery because you don’t need to be put under general anesthesia, we use a less complex surgical approach (no cutting of nasal tissues or bone), and it’s performed more quickly and with less equipment than traditional sinuplasty surgery.

As an independent practice, we offer various third-party payment plan options to help you pay for your surgical procedure with added flexibility and convenience.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery Worth It?

Since balloon sinuplasty is not typically covered by provincial healthcare plans, it’s understandable to wonder what benefits you will receive from your surgical investment. Fortunately, in addition to being a safe, effective treatment, balloon sinuplasty garners high patient satisfaction ratings for the following key reasons:

  • Due to its minimally invasive approach, recovery time is shorter—only a few days—so there’s less downtime and fewer missed workdays and activities.
  • Paying “up front” for your procedure delivers long-term relief and savings—eliminating the need to purchase ongoing allergy prescriptions, antibiotics, sprays, rinses, and other medications.
  • You enjoy a better quality of life following the procedure—which many patients classify as priceless!

We love to remind our patients that since being introduced as an alternative to traditional sinuplasty, more than 150,000 patients have achieved relief from chronic sinusitis thanks to balloon sinuplasty surgery. Also, an impressive 95% of balloon sinuplasty patients confirm the procedure is worth it, and they would go through it again to achieve the same level of relief.*

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We understand that the decision to undergo balloon sinuplasty, or any surgery, can be daunting. Whatever your concerns, our specialists take the time to meet with you, thoroughly address your concerns, and provide recommended treatment plans that prioritize your safety, comfort, and results. You can see our ENT surgeons without a referral or lengthy waiting period.

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*Sage Journals Study: Multicenter Registry of Balloon Catheter Sinusotomy Outcomes for 1,036 Patients:

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