Remove Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery and Regain Your Confidence

loose skin after weight loss

Losing excess weight is an accomplishment to be proud of, whether you did it through diet and lifestyle changes, or you underwent bariatric weight loss surgery for extra help. While many weight loss surgery patients enjoy better health, mobility, and confidence, sometimes excess or loose skin can be left behind. Excess skin after weight loss occurs when the skin’s elasticity is unable to snap your skin back into place during weight loss. It’s more common for people who have lost 100 pounds or more.

It’s important not to let the fear of excess or loose skin hold you back from losing weight. Regaining your overall health and returning to a healthy weight is more important than loose skin on your body. You can also remove the excess skin at a private medical clinic. Depending on the location of the loose skin, these body procedures are often referred to as a body lift, tummy tuck, or arm lift.

How can you prepare for loose skin removal surgery?

First, it’s important to ensure your weight is stable and you’re not continuing to lose or gain a lot of weight. If you lost weight with a bariatric weight loss procedure, talk to your doctor to ensure it’s the right time for you to take the next step towards excess skin removal. Some bariatric centres, such as our SmartShape Weight loss Centre, have a 5-year aftercare program that will help you lose and maintain your weight after surgery.

Next, you need to choose an accredited clinic that offers the procedure and arrange a consultation. Your surgeon may recommend you avoid certain medications, and they will conduct a pre-operative health check and blood work evaluation to ensure a safe, positive outcome.

What happens when you have loose skin removed?

Your body lift, tummy tuck, or arm lift will be performed at an accredited private medical clinic. The procedure will be done under general anesthesia by a registered surgeon. An overnight stay may be required afterwards. Depending on the extent of the surgery needed, the procedure may be done in stages to allow you to recover between each surgery. The surgeon will be able to determine what’s needed and they’ll walk you through the surgical process during your initial consultation, so you feel comfortable with their expertise and know what your recovery process will look like.

After a body lift, tummy tuck, or arm lift, your surgeon may recommend wearing compression garments to help your body regain its shape. If the procedure was extensive, some physical therapy may be recommended. After a tummy tuck, you may need to wait a few days before you can walk normally. It’ll be a few weeks before you can carry things that weigh 15 pounds or more after your procedure. In a few months, you likely feel comfortable engaging in vigorous, full-body activities again.

Excess Skin Removal in Toronto from Surgical Solutions Network. Learn More and Arrange a Consultation

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight or had bariatric weight loss surgery, removing loose skin may be the next step in your journey towards body confidence and enjoying a happier, healthier life. Surgical Solutions Network offers excess skin removal in Toronto, from tummy tucks to arm lifts. Our Toronto centre is an accredited private hospital that allows for overnight stays and monitoring from our expert medical staff to ensure a safe recovery and positive outcome after your surgery. Contact us today to learn more and arrange a consultation.

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